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How To Use Winzip

Winzip is a Windows compression program that combines one or more files into a single file. The single file is then compressed to reduce the overall file size.   The compressed file that results is called a Zipped file.  The Zipped file is easier to transfer electronically because of its reduced size.  Follow the steps below to create your Zipped file.

Step 1:  Installing Winzip

If you don't have the Winzip program, click here to download it.  After you have downloaded the program, open up the program and click setup.  Follow the setup program until you come to a choice of using the Wizard installation or Classic installation.  Choose the Classic installation method then choose Express setup.  After Winzip is installed, the first screen of the program pops up.  You may now start creating Zipped files.


Step 2:  Creating a Zipped File

On the first Winzip screen, click the New button to bring up the New Archive window.   In the New Archive window, choose the location where you want to create the Zip file by choosing a folder in the Create in: box.  Choose your Desktop folder so that the Zipped file will show up on your main Desktop screen.  Type a name for your Zipped file in the File name: box.  click OK to continue.  On the next window, choose the files you want to include in this Zipped file.  


Step 3:  Choosing Files to be Zipped

Choose a file to add to the zip file by highlighting it in the window and clicking the Add button.  You can continue to add files to your Zipped file by clicking the Add button and repeating this process.  You can add more than one files by clicking the Add with wildcards button.  Note, this will add all the files in only one directory.  Looking at the figure on the right, if the Add with wildcards button is clicked than all files in the Desktop directory will be added to the Zip file. Close the window when you're done. At this point, your zipped file has been created, simply close the Winzip program and you're done.

[Download Winzip]